Adam Phomin
Adam Phomin


BSc Kinesiology, University of Waterloo

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer Certificate

Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT / CF-L3)

CrossFit Mobility Certificate

CrossFit Gymnastics Certificate

CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certificate


Adam Phomin

Adam’s primary goal is to help people feel better, both physically and mentally, regardless of their current level of fitness or athletic ability.   After many years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Adam realized that conventional modes of exercise translate poorly into better physical function in our daily lives, often lead to further imbalances, and do not identify and improve our weaknesses.  When Adam found CrossFit in 2008, he knew it was the missing link in the fitness world.  His thirst for knowledge and desire to continuously improve his coaching skills led him to complete the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate (CF-L1, July 2011) and the Coach’s Prep Course (CF-L2, February 2013), and subsequently to become the first Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT/CF-L3, October 2014) in Canada.  These certifications built upon the knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics he acquired through a degree in Science and Kinesiology. He knows that these are essential components in designing and implementing a quality, evidence-based training program.Adam inspires others with his “never-give-up” attitude and his pursuit of excellence.  His passion for quality movement and relentless drive to help his community restore function and improve mobility are part of what makes him an outstanding coach.